iHoop like a GIRL!

iHoop Girls Basketball Camp 2019


iHoop Workouts

Season Workouts

Stretches (Motion & Stationary)


Cardio (Distance Running & Sprints)

Conditioning (Wall Sits, Wall Taps, Bear Crawls)

Ladder Drills

Ball Handling Skills (one and two balls)

Shooting Drills

Passing Drills

Basketball is a year-round sport.  iHoopstars should always be working to improve her game.

Off Season Workouts

Speed & Agility Training

Strength/Resistance Training

Cardio & Core


Ball Handling Skills

Workout Do's and Don'ts


  • wear proper workout attire
  • warm up body before stretching
  • stretch before workouts
  • drink plenty of water
  • take breaks during workouts
  • when tired, put hands on top of head and stand while breathing


  • work out while injured
  • work out on an empty stomach
  • cheat yourself in workouts
  • make excuses
  • complain