iHoop like a GIRL!

iHoop Girls Basketball Camp 2020


An informational session about iHoop and iHoop Basketball Day Camp was held for parents and their daughters ages 11-17 on Saturday, April 8, 2017 in the Radium Springs room of the Hilton Garden Inn located at 101 South Front Street. For convenience, three workshop times were scheduled from 9-11 AM, 1-3 PM, and 5-7 PM. Slots are still available. The informational session offered more details about the organization and the founder, purpose and cost of the day camp, live demonstrations, question and answer about girls in basketball, and an opportunity for girls to sign up for a spot in the Day Camp.

iHoop offers a complete package in Full Workouts, Day and Week Camps, Confidence and Character Building, Etiquette and Hygiene (on and off the court), and Basketball 101. iHoop Day Camps focus on mental preparation for the sport. It includes courtside chats to discuss gender specific needs, fears, apprehension, and reaching basketball goals. Founder Callie Hamilton says, “There will be mini workouts, ball-handling skills, footwork drills, and learning to execute in a position. My camp focuses on girls being a force to be reckoned with on the court, but most importantly being a young lady off the court.”

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