iHoop like a GIRL!

iHoop Girls Basketball Camp 2020


About Me

Callie Evans

CEO & Founder

It wasn't until I was nine years old when I started to play basketball.  I played other sports prior to and beyond that age and enjoyed the variety of them all, however, no other sport gave me the feeling like basketball did.  I grew to love the sport during middle school.  Even though I could hoop, often times I would get teased for being "too girly" on the court.  My inspiration for iHoop, LLC is to demonstrate that girls can be girls while competing in sports, as we are not less of an athlete by just being ourselves; we can embrace our feminine side because we ARE different from boys and being different is OK.  It has always been a passion of mine to focus on the femininity because, as girls, we have specific needs that get overlooked and taken for granted, until now.

I have played basketball on many levels, starting with parks and recreation, middle and high schools, AAU, college, and semi-professional.  At an early age, I began coaching little league and then with Special Olympics.  I moved on to coach high school as an Assistant Coach of Varsity, Head Coach of Junior Varsity, and an Assistant Head Coach on the College level.  My experience in coaching has given me a firsthand look at the dynamics of interacting with girls and basketball.  I went as far as becoming a referee because learning all aspects of the game of basketball was important to me.

I want iHoop to be a great experience for young ladies, but most importantly, I want all to know that it is ok to Hoop Like A Girl!

Callie Evans